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Terms And Conditions

Article 1. Scope

1.1 These terms and conditions apply to all services and products offered by DR Consultancy GCV. On each tender, each bill is referred to these conditions. By signing the offer and / or acceptance / payment of the bill recognizes to have taken knowledge of the customer, and to agree to the terms of DR Consultancy GCV.
1.2. Deviations from these general conditions are only valid if they have expressly agreed with counterparties and listed in the agreement .---

Article 2. Offer and Agreement

2.1. The offers made by DR Consultancy GCV are valid for 14 days, then they have a purely informative value.
2.2. All prices are net prices plus VAT. All taxes, duties and fees payable upon completion / delivery are borne by the customer.
2.3. The offer only applies as indicated on the job and does not imply any commitment for future or even secondary jobs with them.
2.4. An agreement is only concluded after acceptance of the offer by the customer.
2.5. Only if the order expressly refers to the tender provisions remain valid. Otherwise prevail the terms of the agreement.

Article 3. Deadlines and more work

3.1. The implementation period specified by DR Consultancy GCV are just informative. Exceeding these limits is not entitled to damages or rescission of the contract.
3.2. If the client has agreed a fixed price, it will only cover the activities listed in the agreement and services. Additional assignments and services included in the agreement and are automatically charged to the client.
3.3. The following conditions can cause more work: Expansion or modification of the original contract after it is approved by the client; Any requirements, conditions or expectations of the client at the conclusion of the agreement or not clearly DR Consultancy GCV been made known; Flaws and defects in products or services of third parties, which by DR Consultancy GCV not reasonably have been foreseen or which DR Consultancy GCV can exert little or no influence; Inadequate involvement of the client in the execution of the agreement. Depending on the impact of the requested changes may necessarily lead to a revision of the agreement.

Article 4. Payment Methods

4.1. All invoices are payable by bank transfer; on the invoice account BE38731038606072.
4.2. Unless otherwise stated on the invoice is paid within 14 days of application, calculated from the due date specified.
4.3. Any complaints must be made within 8 days after receipt of the invoice by registered mail to be sent.
4.4. If not (timely) payment of the amounts owed by the customer retains DR Consultancy GCV reserves the right to suspend the already carried out work on the liquidation of the outstanding debt. The customer can not in this case claim any compensation for this.
4.5. In case of non-payment on the due date shall automatically and without notice of interest applied at 12% per annum on the total invoice amount.
4.6. If one or more payments are not settled within 15 days after the due date will result legally and without notice of right to damages which increased the unpaid lump sum is 15% with a minimum of € 75. This increase is justified by the charge, the difficulties, the administrative costs, the delays, the accounting difficulties and lack relating to the possession of the unpaid amount.
4.7. Until the buyer has paid in full and final, DR Consultancy GCV retain full ownership of the products and services. All risks, however, be borne by the customer.

Article 5. Other provisions

5.1. Both DR Consultancy GCV as customers accept electronic communication (eg. E-mail) as evidence.
5.2. Complaints must be notified within 8 days of receipt of the invoice by registered mail. After this period, the objection is no longer eligible.
5.3. All costs and liabilities associated with software licenses that can be specifically allocated to the project or the government official registrations are the responsibility of the customer. The information was received from DR Consultancy GCV is purely indicative.
5.4. If one or more provisions of these conditions are not applicable, the remaining remain unaffected. The rights and obligations under the agreement between DR Consultancy GCV and the resulting customer can either partly or entirely be transferred without the prior written consent of DR. Consultancy GCV itself.
5.5. The Belgian law is applicable to all contracts. Any disputes fall under the jurisdiction of the judicial district of Kortrijk.

Additional terms with infrastructure

Article 1. Terms

1.1. The customer will deter use the services themselves or have them used for illegal acts, committing crimes and / or other acts that violate these users conditions or the general guidelines.
1.2. The customer may not apply processes or actions which he can reasonably suspect that this DR Consultancy GCV and / or customers of DR Consultancy GCV obstructs or impairs the use of services.
1.3. The customer is responsible and liable for any use of the services, including the confidentiality and use of access codes, email addresses, ...
1.4. The infrastructure made available by DR Consultancy GCV may be used in any case for storing or distributing illegal software. It is strictly forbidden to distribute illegal software through any hosting service offered by DR Consultancy GCV. If such practices are enacted, immediately and without any right to compensation be made to halt the service in question.
1.5. Spreading, provision and delivery of copyrighted material such as: video, music, text, images, ... without the prior permission of the author, and this via the infrastructure of DR Consultancy GCV is also considered as an illegal activity where the same measures taken.
1.6. Offering sexual content prohibited by the Belgian law will be accepted in any case by DR Consultancy GCV. Upon finding an infringement of this directive will be passed immediately to block the access of the client to the data and information of the competent authorities. The same rule applies to hateful, vulgar, racially tinged, ethnic irresponsible, discriminatory or other material belonging to this denominator.
1.7. The sending of unsolicited bulk email (Spam - Unsolicited Commerce Email) via the server or an email address that is managed by DR Consultancy GCV is strictly prohibited. Customers are also sent punishable as such emails through an external server but the links to content made available on the server. In certain activities against the legislation on commercial email account in question will be closed immediately.

Article 2. Websites and Internet projects

2.1. DR Consultancy GCV can not be held responsible for any shortcomings in the data mentioned on the websites developed by DR Consultancy GCV. This applies to the information that was posted by DR Consultancy GCV itself on the site as well as information from the user (eg. Via a content management system).
2.2. DR Consultancy GCV provides the websites explicitly "as is" (as they are available online). For the technical realization is invoked in the most appropriate techniques in function of the project. DR Consultancy GCV can not be held responsible for the (temporary) failure or any dysfunction of the system and cause harm to customers.
2.3. DR Consultancy GCV is not responsible for links to sites operated by third parties. DR Consultancy GCV exerts no control over these websites and accepts no liability with regard to its content. The inclusion of links to such websites does not imply DR Consultancy GCV approves the data containing these sites and does not necessarily imply a collaboration between DR Consultancy GCV and the owners of these sites.
2.4. If the client material on the insert website developed by DR Consultancy GCV or DR Consultancy GCV provide for the purpose of placing it on the website or in it to process, it guarantees all rights, including reproductive rights, to dispose of the material (such as texts, translations, documents, photos, videos, graphics, etc ...).
2.5. The client expressly agrees with the inclusion of the project in the portfolio of DR Consultancy GCV.

Article 3. Hosting and Domain Names

3.1. For services related to hosting and domain DR Consultancy GCV guarantees an acceptable availability taking into account the fact that the offered services provided in a shared environment, where certain acts of third parties may not fall under the control of DR Consultancy GCV.
3.2. Domain Registration - The possibility of registering a domain name is determined by national and international rules. DR Consultancy GCV does not guarantee that the domain name can be registered, even if it appears that the domain name is still available at the time of application. What .be domain names, the customer declares expressly agree to the terms and conditions for end users defined by DNS association, available on www.dns.be.
3.3. Web hosting, e-mail, security - DR Consultancy GCV can not be held responsible for temporary unavailability or loss of data during temporary unavailability, or for damages resulting from actions by third parties who try to circumvent the protection provided. DR Consultancy GCV provides a safe environment for these services using a firewall and a secure environment