"Grape juice decays, but fine wine ages. Choose wisely"


Our challenge was to provide this international company with a stronger customer loyalty. We managed this by developing creative, down to earth marketing with a good understanding of our targeted audience.
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By analysing the market in which is operated, we were able to provide Steelseries with a tailored solution in their quest to provide customers with the better service. We developed no-nonsense, result driven communication that offers potential consumers with the information and options their require.

Project Details

  • Consultancy,
  • Channel,
  • Marketing,
  • Direct,
  • Marketing,
  • Events,
  • Product,
  • Placement,
  • Advertisement
As an international company we value customer support, also on local scale. That’s why BrandsXL is an ideal partner for us to reach our target audience in a very structured and specific way on the Belgian market.
Geoffrey D.
SteelSeries ApS.