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Pushing the boundaries of marketing, BrandsXL is a young and vibrant player in the vast expanding market of consultancy. Establishing a brand identity, creating brand awareness and helping companies reach their targeted audience is our primary goal. By offering partners with completely tailored solutions, we ensure them of a strong position in their respective market.
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Our team will provide your company with flexible tailored solutions made for you, not for someone like you, but uniquely for you. This flexibility allows us to launch stunning brands and make clients happy for years.

What can we do for you?

Identity Development

Every strong story needs a strong identity. A hitting point that will convince your clients. Together we build a fitting housestyle and give your company the elements it to make it a fixed point in your neighborhood or niche.
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Web Design & Development

With your needs in mind, we'll build a visual attractive website for you. One that doesn't only suffice the current technological standards, but also keeping your vision of the future in mind.
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Making your company stand out isn't always as easy. Therefore we don't only build a website or identity for your company, but we'll also sit down together to look if your strategy is being executed in a good way.
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Assistance when & where you want

By chasing the right people we want to work with instead of the brands, we give freelancers & studios a place where they can showcase what they do best to a professional audience. Our creative thinkers and courageous coders work, all in pursuit of a product that both drives business results and leaves a mark in customer perception.

Meet Our Team

In an industry that runs on publicity, providing you with a view behind the scene is certainly a must.
Team Member

Damien Rapoye

Managing director
Team Member

David Segers

Account & Project manager
Team Member

You ?

Freelance Designer/Developer

Marketing is so much more than just building a brand, it's about telling a story to your customers and having them identify with your product.

Our Work

While others may only include basic information about their previous work, we opt to offer more details, just click on “Read more”.
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AMD microsite
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Total beauty clinic

How we work

01. Hello

Telephone, mail or personal, with a hello you'll be right down our street.

02. Meeting

We'll meet up, in your or our office, where we'll have a conversation to get to know each other and give you the information you need about our services.

03. Concept

after the conversation we'll start scetching the innovating concept in big lines for you.

04. Development

If both parties are satisfied with the story, then we develop the product with great caution.

05. Feedback

With us, every moment is a feedback moment, wherever and whenever you want. We take enough time to test the product and squach all posible bugs, so that in the end the product is ready to use!

06. launch

Our journey doesn’t end here, but we merely switch to a more guiding role then actual development of the deliverable.

Tailored solutions

We will only provide tailored solutions that offer an answer to your specific needs as a company and are in our expertise for a perfect execution.

Marketing strategies

We educate ourselves with the market in which is operated and define the core mission of the strategy. This allows for an organized and transparent environment that includes the essential knowhow.

Event planning

From the first, until the last contact, an event is always something special. With our logistic expertise and budget friendly approach we can make a difference.

Data analysis

We analyse essential data to determine the needs and opportunities of the targeted audience, this allows for productive communication goals.
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What People Say

We strive for a transparent partnership with our clients, therefor we would like them to tell the story of the benefits of working with us.
As an international company we value customer support, also on local scale. That’s why BrandsXL is an ideal partner for us to reach our target audience in a very structured and specific way on the Belgian market.
De Bie G.
SteelSeries ApS.
As a starting business looking for a way to communicate with potential clients that wasn’t to classical, BrandsXL developed a great concept that has the future in mind without costing a fortune.
Hollebecq B.
Hollebecq renovaties

Contact Us

Whether you’re looking for answers, or just want to let us know how we did, you can contact us through this form.
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